Sunday, February 5, 2012

Skins of Interest

So, I won't get too in depth on you yet. For now, I thought I'd provide some information on skins that should grab your attention on League of Legends.

The first one is one that was just recently announced: Headhunter Master Yi.

It's a fairly neat looking skin, and will apparently have new spell effects on two of his moves. Is this his legacy skin? No. Is it worth buying? Maybe, especially if you're a Master Yi that likes to jungle. When is it coming out? My guess is this upcoming Tuesday.

Up next are three skins that are currently on sale.

Cryocore Brand (regularly 975 RP) is only 487 RP!

Golden Alistar (regularly 390 RP) is only 195 RP!

Perseus Pantheon (regularly 975 RP) is only 487 RP!

Those three skins will remain on sale until Feb. 10th, so if you're interested in those champions, my suggestion is you act quickly. 

That's it for Skins of Interest. Soon I'll analyze the free champion rotation for next week. 


  1. nice brah !! like the headhunter tbh

  2. My brother has been badgering me to play LoL for ages but I simply don't have the time.

  3. Is Leauge of Legends FTP? or what? how does the money thing work? I have had an interest in the game, but have not had the time to research the basics of it just yet.

  4. I don't play LoL personally and I personally can't stand all these add-ons that have no affect in gameplay. But to each their own, and I guess that's how some of these businesses stay in business.